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someone who cares about the other person and cares about the relationship altogether.

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Q: What in an involved partner mean in relationship status?
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What does mean Bonnie and Clyde relationship?

A partner in crime relationship

What does NRS mean?

New relationship status ?

What does a windowed relationship mean?

Means your partner is dead

What does it mean to have a dream of your partner cheating?

you don't trust your partner or you don't feel confident in your relationship.

What does taken mean?

taken means that are actually in a relationship..but not really in love... if you say i am in a love taKEN relationship means that you are in a relationship that u love you partner and your partner loves you back

Is the first relationship the last?

In what contexts do you mean? If your in a relationship with your partner all you life , i t still does not mean it is going to be your last relationship you'll ever have.

What does it mean when you dream that your spouse is leaving you?

This dream could mean that you are worried about the status of your relationship.

What does monogamous relationship mean?

it means one sexual partner, a wife the only women or man you have a lasting relationship with

What does in an open-relationship mean for your relationship status on facebook?

An open relationship is often when the person is proud of their partner or that it is not a secret that they r together and that they perform acts of love i.e. kissing in public. Well the above is completely wrong. an "open" relationship is where you are seeing sombody, but at the same time you are both allowed to see other people. Hence it is an "open" relationship.

What does down for whatever bebo relationship status mean?

It means your down for being single,seeing someone or being in a relationship

What does parasite relationship mean?

A 'parasite relationship' is where one partner sponges off the other, the man off the woman or vice versa.

What does single mean to a human relationship?

It means that you are not in a relationship with anyone, and you are able to be with someone. You don't have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or partner.

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