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It means that you are not in a relationship with anyone, and you are able to be with someone. You don't have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or partner.

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Q: What does single mean to a human relationship?
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In A Single Shard what does ajima mean?

Aunty..of great relationship

What does it mean when a girl says you are single but unavailable?

it means she doesnt like you it might mean she is single, but not looking for a relationship right now.

What does down for whatever bebo relationship status mean?

It means your down for being single,seeing someone or being in a relationship

What is human-human relatioship?

A human-human relationship is when two humans are in a relationship. It is different than a human-animal, human-bird, or human-God relationship, for instance... or maybe the relationship that a human has with food or alcohol or literature.

What does a girl mean when she says she's a happy single?

It means she is happy with not being in a relationship.

What does it mean when she want's to be single for a while before a relationship?

it could be that she just got out of a relationship, and doesn't want to rush into another relationship right away, or that she might not be that into you.

What does your dream mean if you are in a relationship and you have dreams about other guys?

It is normal honestly for the human mind to wander whether in a relationship or single. Subconsciously, you may have fantasies about other guys but this is NORMAL! don't worry, its not a bid deal, as long as those dreams do not become reality, then there is a problem!

What does it mean when you ask a person are they single and they say I am still dealing with somebody?

Apparently their current relationship is mean that you wont to be with them.

What does psychoneuroendocrinological mean?

Psychoneuroendocrinology is the clinical study of hormone fluctuations and their relationship to human behavior.

Is Megan Nicole single or in relationship?


What is human-human relationship?

human + human = <3

Is shannen doherty single?

she is single but in a relationship

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