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Anti diuretic hormone will be stimulated in higher amount and a person will tend to urinate frequently.

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Q: What happens to alcohol in the body?
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When you drink more alcohol than your body can oxidize what happens?

The alcohol stays in the blood, and you get drunker, and your BAC goes up.

Can your Blood alcohol level be reduced by drinking coffee?

No. The body needs to metabolize alcohol and that only happens over time.

Can Blood alcohol level be reduced by drinking coffee.?

No. The body needs to metabolize alcohol and that only happens over time.

What happens to your body when you drink alcohol for a long period of time?

You will become intoxicated. In addition to that, if the alcohol levels in your body are too high, then you can die of alcohol poisoning.

As the body tissues consume alcohol what happens?

The body cells become dependent on the alcohol, which is why too much alcohol consumption is considered an addiction. Cirrosis, or liver scarring, can occur in the liver tissues. This can result in liver failure and death.

What happens when the body forms a tolereance to alcohol?

With tolerance, it takes more alcohol to achieve the same effects that lesser quantities created before tolerance developed.

How does alcohol metabolized through the body?

Well, the small intestine absorbs most of the alcohol but it is also affected by other factors. The metabolism of alcohol happens mostly in the liver, but goes throughout the body, but the non-metabolized alcohol is secreted by the kidneys and by the sweat glands, which is what makes the smell.

What happens in your body during alcohol blood poisoning before death occures?

The alcohol, which is a neurotoxin, depresses and shuts down the various bodily functions. When respiration goes, so do you.

What happens when you mix alcohol with ssleeping pills?

you loose counciouness and do stupid things.

What happens when you drink alcohol and don't eat?

One, you will starve, and two the alcohol will intoxicate your body.

Why alcohol is not good for your body?

Alcohol is good for the body if consumed in moderation.

What happens when yeast turns into alcohol?

its a drink then nothing happens Note - Yeast never turns into alcohol, yeast turns sugar into alcohol, thus alcohol is the yeast's waste product of metabolism.