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no we like guys who wear baggy jeans (NOT SKINNYS), baggy T-shirts and with a sk8er look! (NO LOW RIDING GIRLS JUST THINK THATS GROSS!!)

EDIT: Actually I know tons of girls who are into that. There is a high fashion scene where I live and many girls love a dude who knows style. Im pretty sure just by the previous persons answer that they live in a suburb haha but if that's what you like to wear, then wear it. If you're getting crap for youre clothes, then maybe a more mero scene would be fitting like Austin TX, NYC, or CA. By the way. Cookie cutter guys are boring, its kind of anoying when all the dudes are wearing the same crap.

Answer:Skinny jeans is not just for girls, look at all the Rockers! Skinny has been in mens fashion for years, long before baggy even existed. So...Do I like men wearing girls clothes? Well skirts and womens underwear- no. A cool T-shirt I don't really care about if it's male or female as long as it's cool.
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Girls that are just a little weird.

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Q: What girls like cute guys that crossdress?
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