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Not all girls like guys with big buts but some do cause It can be real cute

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Q: Why do girls like guys with big buts?
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What kinds of people does Chris Brown like?

he likes girls with big buts and cute and honest

Do guys like big buts?

well it really depends how you present it. such as skinny jeans will surly attract a guys attention. It also depends on the guy. But yes majority of guys like large butts

Is it normal for guys to like big girls?

big girls need lovin too

Girls like guys with big butt?

Only guys like big butts and maybe butts in general.

What do you guys like most?

Guys like girls who are themselves, some might like girls wth big boobs etc. but their tools!

Why do guys like Colombian girls?

they have big butts.

Why do black guys like girls with big bootys?

this is a stereotype. not all black guys like girls with big butts. Some prefer big boobs and other features not just the butt

Why are guys attracted to big butts?

It's there nature they like big butts because they are curvey... and we girls like tall guys they like girls with big butts.. its almost the same thing hope i helped there..

Do teenage guys actually like bigger girls?

It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

Do guys like girls with a slight build?

Not all girls like men with a slight built. Some girls like skinny guys while some others like big guys. Girls have different tastes in men as men do in girls. Girls r hot XD

Why do girls like touching my muscle i am 14 and i have pretty big muscle girls like touching my abs and biceps why do they like that?

Because girls like guys with big muscles :)

Do white guys like big black girls?