What does orihime mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Orihime means Princess in english!!:)

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Q: What does orihime mean?
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What does the name orihime mean?

Woven princessThe meaning of Orihime's name is woven princess.

Does orihime like grimmjow?

No. He may have more emotion than Ulquiorra, but he still has no feeling for Orahime. I mean come on, he's a meanie to her all the time. I mean MEAN!!! Besides all he really wants is freedom and king of his own land.

Who does orihime end up with?

orihime ends up with chad

When was Orihime Inoue created?

Orihime Inoue was created in 2001.

When do ichigo and orihime kiss?

They don't, well Orihime almost kisses him.

What does the name Orihime mean in English?

Hime means princess, but the whole name should mean Woven Princess in Japanese.

What does the Japanese name Orihime mean?

It means 'weaving princess', and comes from the name of a goddess who wove clothing

Do Ichigo and Orihime kiss?

Ichigo and Orihime have not kissed. However, Kon has kissed Orihime while in Ichigo's body, and Orihime has tried to kiss Ichigo.But of course ichigo was asleep when orihime kissed him. She held his hand and you like on the edge of your chair!So yes.if your wondering what episode she kissed him. its episode 189-190.:Dhalf of that is right...orihime never kissed him, she chickened out at the last second.jokes they did not!

What does orihime mean in Japanese?

The word is 'female textile worker' But if you meant the name then it's usually 'Star Princess'

Does Orihime join the arrancars?


Dos ichigo kiss orihime?

Nope. Never. When Ichigo is asleep, however, Orihime tries to kiss him but couldn't do it.

How come in Bleach versus crusade orihime isn't playable?

I think it is because Orihime lacks physical attacks