Who does orihime end up with?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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orihime ends up with chad

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Q: Who does orihime end up with?
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Does ichigo end up with orihime?

well their is no romance in bleach and if their were ichigo would more likely end up with orihime.

Orhime and ichigo will end up together?

i think orihime should end up together because she had a crush sense she meet him.

Will ishida go out with orihime at the end?


In bleach what does Orihime want to be when she grows up?

In Episode 7, orihime picture says that she wants to be a RObot The "future Orihime" has a top speed of 380kph, flames that spew out at 20,000 degrees Celsius, from the eyes special destruction lasers.

What does orihime mean?

Orihime means Princess in english!!:)

Will Ichigo like anyone in the Bleach anime?

No clue but will not end up with Rukia Nor orihime. No ichiruki or ichihime says Tite kubo and johnny young bosch

When was Orihime Inoue created?

Orihime Inoue was created in 2001.

Will Ichigo kiss orihime?

no Orihime nearly kisses Ichigo but she couldn't build up the nerve D: I love Ichihime, hopefully some time in the future they really do kiss!

When do ichigo and orihime kiss?

They don't, well Orihime almost kisses him.

Who will Ichigo date in the series?

Ichigo does not seem to have any love interests. But on the other hand, he does seem to have a liking for Rukia more than Orihime as he was willing to leave the search for Orihime to go and find her. And also when he saved Rukia he is shown to be more serious and caring about her during the quest.

In Bleach will Ichigo and Orihime have kids?

Kubo has already stated that he does not want the focus of Bleach to be on romance, so probably not. Anyway, even if they do end up together, we probably will not get to see that far into the future.

What does the name orihime mean?

Woven princessThe meaning of Orihime's name is woven princess.