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When I look away, I'm just bored. But if 'someone' looks away, it might be because:

1 - They are struggling to find something interesting to talk about.

2 - They are nervous. I accept that it's rude, but, it might merely suggest that the person is nervous.

3 - They are thinking. Trust me, some people just look away while they are talking. It doesn't mean anything anymore than the fact that they are concentrating on your words only. They do it cause some people aren't used to eye-to-eye conversations. Distracts them, maybe.

4 - Or maybe a hot chick or guy caught their eye. And refused to let go.

5 - Or maybe they are just bored.

It's entirely up to you to observe. And do so properly. :)

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Q: What does it mean when you look away while talking to someone?
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What does it mean when a girl doesn't look in your eyes while you talking to her?

She doesn't like you and is ignoring you. She could possibly be lying to you.AnswerI would never trust someone who can't look me in the eyes, or at least make some eye contact, while talking to me. If a person is extremely shy they may do this. Otherwise, I feel that someone who cannot look me in the eyes while talking has something to hide, they are not being honest, etc.

When a speaker refuses to look at you in the eye?

Looking at someone's eyes while talking to them is a learned behavior. If someone doesn't look you in the eye it may only mean they were not taught to do so.

What does it mean when you look away while talking?

Usually it means that the person your talking to is bored so maybe you should change the subject and talk about something they like to talk about.

What are some other signals to watch for when someone is talking to you?

how they look at you and if they say bi and it takes a long time to walk away they want you to do something....

How would you talk to someone you hate?

Dont look straight on his face/eyes . KEEP YOU FACE TURNED TOWARD SOMETHING ELSE , while talking to someone you hate.

Why men look at women's lips while talking?

men look at women's lips while their talking because they want to kiss you!!

How do you talk to strange girl at first site?

well, to start with, do not look her in the eyes. then think about someone you like while you are talking to her and your experience may be heightened.

Why does the guy you like look at you and look away when you look at him and then his friend look at you?

maybe he likes you, and maybe they were talking about you, who knows?

How do you know through eye contact if someone likes you?

When we look at someone and they look at us, we usually look away. When we like someone, we just keep looking at them. So, I would say, if he/she doesn't look away very fast it means they are interested in you.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you when you are talking to someone else?

Usually a person looking at you while you speak means they are listening to what you say. If he continues to look at you while another person talks or looks mainly at you when he talks, then he probably likes you.

Why do girls look at me toward my legs while talking to me?

Girls might look toward your legs while talking to you because they're shy. Shy people often avoid eye contact.

What does it mean when a boy is talking to their friend and when you look they say that you look like someone they know?

Means he likes you.