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Usually a person looking at you while you speak means they are listening to what you say. If he continues to look at you while another person talks or looks mainly at you when he talks, then he probably likes you.

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This means he is not centered. Not in his masculine. And not confident in himself. Maintaining proper eye contact while talking to a women is very important. Looking away usually indicates (to her) that a man is unworthy to have her.

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He's distracted by what the other person is doing/wearing.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy looks at you when you are talking to someone else?
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What does it mean when a person looks at someone else while talking to someone?

Nothing. They could have had something in their eye. Why do little kids always make such a big deal out of people "looking at them" ??

What does it mean if your love looks like he's dating someone else?

He's cheating

What does it mean when a girl looks at you in the eye but laughs at you?

it means she is rude and you should date someone else

What does it mean when a shy girl points her shoulder toward her crush when talking to someone else?

she flirts

What does it mean when a boy is talking to someone instead of looking at them he looks at you?

It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could mean that he is interested in you....kind of like flirting.

Why he doesn't looks at you when talking And why he looks at you when you are looking somewhere else Does he likes you?

definitely possible, someone who likes you might be nervous to make eye contact, or is scared to look at you while your looking at them. but it could also mean that their just really shy, but most likely, their just nervous.

What does talk a blue streak mean?

It is a slang way of saying that someone's talking a lot and not letting anyone else talk.

What does it mean when your talking to someone on fb and he asks for a hug so i tell someone else and he asked for one to just out of nowhere?

Well it means that he wants a hug

What does it mean when a girl asks a question and looks away?

I can't imagine this meaning much besides asking a question, and then getting occupied with someone else, or something else.

What does it mean if she said yes to a date then the next day said no because she likes someone else?

Maybe she realized that she loves someone else later on. Or there is a chance that she is a player and was fed up of it? Try talking to her 'bout it. : )

What does it mean if someone keeps talking to you?

They have an interest in you or in talking

What does it mean to date someone and like someone else?

that your dating someone and you like someone else....