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At first it feels good. You may experience some strange sensations or even hallucinate. This is commonly known as "tripping." But then you will stop feeling good, or "crash" or start "coming down" from your high. This does not feel good. You will probably want to do shrooms more and more often until your entire life is ruled by your desire for more shrooms. You may even develop a resistance to the drug and need to take more to get the high you want. This can lead to an overdose or to death as shrooms are actually poisonous mushrooms.

The best advice is to avoid all of this by simply practicing abstinence from drugs. There are other things you can do to make yourself feel good, like exercising. Run a marathon and get a natural high on your own endorphins! It's awesome.

actually, you are very wrong...

1) mushrooms that contain psilocybin are non toxic and actually less toxic than asprin

2) mushrooms are non-addictive

3) to overdose on shrooms you would have to ingest 700 times the normal dose

mushrooms are a very creative and different drug. they have a euphoric feel kind of like marijuana and at the same time you hallucinate and see things from different point of views and may change your opinion of the world and the things that were put here.


It depends on how many you take and what type, first of all (by the way, shrooms are not poisonous at all - the active ingredient, psilocybin, is thought to affect your seretonin receptors to cause the change in perception). Some strains of P. Cubensis make you more social and others make you more inward looking, but generally, they all change your perception of reality.

You think differently and many times, things that normally seem important (like money and material things) become unimportant. Taking a low dose will make colors more vibrant, nature will look very beautiful, music will sound great, and being around people will feel good. Taking a medium dose will trigger open and closed-eye visuals and invoke more philosophical thought. Taking a high dose will cause objects take on living characteristics (walls breath), cause more intense closed and open-eyed visuals, cause a deeper understanding of things, and cause a feeling of oneness with the universe.

Despite being called hallucinogens, they don't really make you hallucinate, as in seeing things that aren't there. It's more like you see things that are always there, just in a different way. Or you just don't notice them when not on the mushrooms. You have a different perception and see things differently or you can more clearly see things happening in your imagination.

People have been injured on psychedelic drugs before, but those cases are pretty rare and it's because some people are irresponsible when they take them. It's no different than with alcohol - you have to be responsible. Except many more deaths result from irresponsibility with alcohol than mushrooms because it's extremely difficult to have a fatal overdose with mushrooms unlike alcohol, which affects the brain stem during intoxication.

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I love these questions. First off, it's really hard to explain what shrooms feels like to someone who hasn't done shrooms. Secondly, it's really hard to explain in words what shrooms feels like to someone who has done shrooms. It's like asking me to explain what an orgasm feels like or what the color blue looks like.

Here's my attempt.

When you first take shrooms you feel nothing. After 20-40 minutes you feel nothing but than this inkling feeling crawls into your body. It compels you to look around and smile at everything. Even if something isn't funny you laugh because life is fantastic. Lights begin to glow and expand past where you know they normally exist. You feel like you know answers to all of the questions in the world, the big picture comes into view as you solve problems. Your mind runs faster than you can speak and because of this speech becomes a bit tedious and ridiculous in nature. You realize that words are truly inadequate at describing everything around you. Emotionally you are incredibly happy, euphoric even. Sometimes you become paranoid because you feel like everyone knows you are on drugs or you aren't in the physical place you want to be. As you peak visually everything breathes in and out with the breath of the world. As you come down you feel like you're leaving a familiar place, a place you love even. You are no longer tripping after 4-6 hours but have a positive afterglow like your still on top of the world for hours to a few days later.

Hope that helps...

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They can vary widely from person to person and from the batch, dose and species of mushrooms you take. Usually you can see visual distortions , sometimes you can hear cool things but this is rare. Followed by a funky mental state that usually is overwhelming depressing for me ( thinking about life's choices and decisions) keep positive and think good things, keep your atmosphere and friends positive and this should not be a problem.

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amazing and fun.

in order to answer this question you need to do em

and find out.

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Q: What does it feel like to take shrooms?
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Do you feel sick a day or two after you try shrooms?

It depends on the shrooms and your personal reaction to them. I know people who say they never do and some who have.

How different does salvia feel from shrooms?

salvia and shrooms are in know way similar at all they have no common anything shrooms are for one pleasurable mush can last 2-8 hours depending on dose salvia last 10 - 15 minutes and u have no control at all

How long does it take to feel the effects of shrooms?

It generally takes fifteen minutes to an hour to feel the effects of ingested magic mushrooms. The time until effects are experienced depends on factors such as the dosage and whether or not the mushrooms were taken with food.

What happens if you take shrooms twice in a row with no sleep?

You will probaly die

Do all shrooms smell like?

they don't smell really

What happens if you put cocaine on shrooms sniff it then eat the shrooms?

You start hallucinating like crazy and you will probably would need to see doctor because of that.

Can you get high smoking shrooms?

NO, this will take out all the hallucinogenics in the shroom making it useless

Are there any long term damages 2 your brain after you take shrooms?

None whatsoever.

Do shrooms show on a nine panel drug test?

No, but shrooms can be tested for in an extended drug test.

Are there shrooms in Michigan?

you gotta be joking right?? halucinogenic mushrooms grow on cow poop..... often tresspassers on private farms go out at night to harvest the shrooms.... so if Michigan is anything like the rest of the states, and you have abundant farm land, then yes you do have shrooms in Michigan.

What do shrooms do too you?

The effects are extremely variant, depending on the person involved. Everybody is different, therefore everybody will feel different effects.

Are shrooms natral?

Unlike LSD shrooms are grown in the wild and natural