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Q: What does intrepersonal relationship mean?
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What does intrepersonal mean?

What does meretricious relationship mean?

a superficial relationship

What does it mean when someone says they miss you sexually?

It mean's u had a sexual relationship with them- not a "Relationship-Relationship" with them. Like F-buddies almost...

Can a mimic person have a normal relationship?

If you mean by a mimic person, you mean a mime, that person cannot have a NORMAL relationship, but a relationship could be done.

What does Relationship mean in German?

The word relationship translates as:BeziehungVerhältnisVerwandtschaft

What does 'in an open relationship' mean?

I thinkk it means an honest relationship :)

What does relationship molding mean?

It means to fix or improve a relationship.

What does it mean when you have broken relationship with Christ?

A relationship with Christ is based on faith. If you have little or no faith in Him then you have a broken relationship, or no relationship with Him.

Is the first relationship the last?

In what contexts do you mean? If your in a relationship with your partner all you life , i t still does not mean it is going to be your last relationship you'll ever have.

What does it mean when you say they have had a tumultuous relationship?

A relationship with several ups and downs.

What does relationship symbols mean?

it means that the symbols are putting a meaning on what the relationship is

What is mean by leaving relationship?

Well, young fellow. The participation of your relationship seems rainy. It is mean by not trying to work things out.