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a superficial relationship

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Q: What does meretricious relationship mean?
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What does meretricious ornamentation mean?

The definition of the word meretricious is apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity. For example: The souvenirs at the airport were meretricious.

What does Meretricious mean?

Attracting attention in a vulgar manner.

How do you use meretricious in a sentence?

The girl thought her outfit was flattering, when in actuality it was meretricious.

What is a sentence with the word meretricious?

Good Lord, that day-glo green seashell hula doll is meretricious!

What is the definition of Meretricious?

Of or pertaining to prostitutes; having to do with harlots; lustful; as, meretricious traffic., Resembling the arts of a harlot; alluring by false show; gaudily and deceitfully ornamental; tawdry; as, meretricious dress or ornaments.

What is ''meretricious'' in the following - While the presidents daughter feigned an unassuming attitude her meretricious show of fashion demonstrated a consuming focus on her own appearance?


Is Meretricious the same as meritorious?

No. "Meretorious" means "worthy of praise, valuable". "Meretricious" means "cheaply gaudy", like the way Lady GaGa dresses.

How would you use meretricious in a complex sentence?

He had a pleasant smile, and he spoke so well, but something about his demeanour, to me at least, made him meretricious - it turned out he was a compulsive liar.

How do you use the word meretricious as a tongue twister?

That word is a tongue twister in of itself.

What rhymes with viscious?

flagitious, judicious, lubricious, malicious, Mauritius, meretricious, nutritious, officious, pernicious...............

Two synonyms for the word garish?

Some choices: brazen, tawdry, showy, ornate, blatant, meretricious, gaudy

While the president's daughter pretended to have an unassuming attitude her meretricious show of fashion asserted a consuming focus on her own appearance?