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Either she is tired and needs rest or she just wants you outt've her face at the moment.

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Q: What does a girlfriend mean when she says that she is Dizzy?
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What does it mean when someone says will you go out with me?

If mean she/he wants you as a girlfriend/boyfriend

What does it mean when your girlfriend says her uterus is talking to her?

It means your in buddy

What does a guy mean when he says can you be my girl?

That he likes you and want you to be his girlfriend.

What does it mean when a guy says your such a sweetheart?

that means your a great girlfriend

What does lol mean if your boyfriend or girlfriend says it?

lots of love

What does it mean when your girlfriend says where forever?

she wants to be with you forever/ your relationship is forever

What does it mean if your girlfriend says she went out and screwed someone and fell in love?

It means she's not your girlfriend any more.

What does it mean when a guy says i will never forget you but has a girlfriend?

It means that he likes you a lot and would probably date you if he did not have a girlfriend.

Tired dizzy and feel sick?

my girlfriend feel tired and sick

What does it mean when a guy says likes you but says he doesn't also?

he probably means that he likes you as a friend, but doesn't as a girlfriend

What does a boy mean when he says he can be more of a friend?

that probally means he can be your BFF or you girlfriend

What does it mean when your girlfriend says there is a new sherriff in town?

She's breaking up with you.