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lots of love

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Q: What does lol mean if your boyfriend or girlfriend says it?
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Does Zayn Malik have a boyfriend?

LOL, he is a boy and he have a girlfriend and her name is Perrie Edwards.

What is Alex wolff's girlfriend name?


Who was Martin Luther King Jr's girlfriend?

Martin Luther King Jr. married Coretta Scott (who became Coretta King)

What does it mean if you ask your boyfriend what hes up to and he says stuff?

meens he cbf explaining caus it doesnt really matter lol if he was going to cheat or somthing he would make up a bit better story than that lol

What does it mean to give your boyfriend chicken?

Food is the way to a man's heart lol

What did Justin Bieber girlfriend said when he was a the hospital?

You mean when he broke his leg?? he don't and he didn't have a girlfriend! If he would have, we would found this out...LoL

What do you do if your x-boyfriend still loved you and has a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend and you still love your x-boyfriend?

== == Make sure he really loves you before you get close. If you want to be with him tell your current boyfriend that you should date other people, then get back with your ex and you can live happily ever after LOL!!

How do you act when you meet ex boyfriend girlfriend?

When i see my ex boyfriend at high school to be honest i start acting all lik kool and stuff i dont no why but it seems to work because he looks at me lol!

What does it mean when a woman says she is domesticated?

it means she will cook and clean lol

How lame would it be if you get your boyfriend a giftcard for Christmas?

I mean my boyfriend,nobody else's lol Love him with all my heart,but my budget is like $. 10

What if your girlfriend call u lol?

If your girlfriend laughs out loud during a call it can mean one of two things. Either she is enjoying the conversation or she is laughing at you (I mean really laughing at you).

Who is Ma'a Nonu's girlfriend?

lol, rugby is ma'a's girlfriend, but i wish it was me :) lol lol good call! i wish it was me too :L