What does Crack cocaine smell like?

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Crack cocaine smells like a tone of smelly feet left in the Sahara to biodegrade and melt. This is because the smell of the peoples feet who make it have never had a shower as the work for pennies in these illegal factories.

Hammy + Binny + Hass + Harry + Fatty

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2021-09-05 03:38:09
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Q: What does Crack cocaine smell like?
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What does crack smoke smell like?

The specific smell of crack cocaine smells very similar to the smell of poison ivy, and is much unlike marijuana smoke hard to get the smell out of clothes.

Show me a picture of what 6 grams of crack cocaine look like?

IS cocaine like crack

What drug smell like plastic?

smoking crack cocaine... a very serious drug. along with crack comes the paranoia, hypersensitivity, may sweat, heartbeat races

What does crack cocaine look like?

Crack cocaine looks kinda like butter it's got a yellow color

What does cocaine smell like when cooking it?

Delicious!! - Just kidding it kinda smells like burnt plastic. Pretty distinct smell that definitely makes you not want to smoke crack (unless your a crackhead).

What does crack smell like when burning?

Crack has a very sweet smell, like burnt marshmellows.

What does cocaine smell like when burned?

Similar to burnt plastic. On its own, cocaine has no smell. Cocaine is ineffective when burned, as it is to be inhaled.

What the differences between cocaine and crack?

crack cocaine is a cooked and ricked cocaine. crack is smoked while cocaine is snorted

Is crack cocaine and cocaine different?

Both are cocaine. Crack is a type of cocaine that is processed in a certain way to make it smokable, but crack is still cocaine.

How many time can you sniff crack cocaine if addictive?

I don't understand what you are asking, but crack cocaine is not snorted. Regular cocaine can be snorted, but not crack cocaine. Crack is smoked.

What does 112mg of crack cocaine look like?


Can you snort crack cocaine?

You snort cocaine, you smoke crack, which is the crystallized form of cocaine.

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