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The specific smell of crack cocaine smells very similar to the smell of poison ivy, and is much unlike marijuana smoke hard to get the smell out of clothes.

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Q: What does crack smoke smell like?
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What does crack smell like when burning?

Crack has a very sweet smell, like burnt marshmellows.

What does cocaine smell like when cooking it?

Delicious!! - Just kidding it kinda smells like burnt plastic. Pretty distinct smell that definitely makes you not want to smoke crack (unless your a crackhead).

Can a persons smell from inhalers smell like smoke?


How does crack smell?

A bit like WEED but ever so slightely lighter. DUDE.

What does crack cocane smell like when lit?


Is it cool to smoke crack while listening to dubstep because you like to smoke crack and listen to dubstep but your friends call you a fag?


How much crack would a crackhead smoke if a crackhead could smoke crack?

a LOT of crack

Can your breath smell like weed if you don't smoke it?

yes it can, often second hand smoke can make someone, and their breath if standing close enough to a person, smell like smoke to the point where you would smell like a smoker especially if you are around people who smoke fairly often

Why does your 1992 buick lesabre blow smoke?

what color is the smoke. What does it smell like?

How does a bonfire smell?

bonfire smells like smoke

Why does the people that smock smell like they smock?

People smell like smoke because the smoke contains chemicals and cigarette residuals that cling to hair, skin, & clothing.

What does crack smell like when being smoked?

it has a very distinct smell that is pretty difficult to compare to anything else I can think of it does not smell like burning hair or plastic as some have said