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a LOT of crack

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Q: How much crack would a crackhead smoke if a crackhead could smoke crack?
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Why would your 1997 Ford Escort be smoking?

If it is blue smoke the rings or valve seals could be bad. If it is white smoke the head could have a bad gasket or have a crack. If it is black smoke the engine is running too rich.

If you smoke can your baby be a crack baby?

As a nurse, I would say that not only is the second-hand crack smoke harmful, but the environment that you have yourself in could also be harmful. I would try to be as far away from the smoke as possibe. Don't take any chances!

What drug would and or could you smoke in a plastic uniball pen case with aluminum foil looking stuff in middle?


If you're pregnant and smoke crack and stop for more than a month would the baby test positive for cocaine?

Why does the answer matter, you shouldn't smoke crack when pregnant, or AT ALL for that matter.

Does Heo young saeng from ss501 smoke?

no, he doesn't.btw, his voice would crack a lot if he would smoke. it never happened for his voice to crack. ..HongKong paparazzi's said that he is smoking but it's only a rumour..hello.

How did Tupac feel when his mother started smoking crack?

he didnt really like it but he still loved her as much as he would if she didnt smoke crack

What is the k factor of vehicle smoke?

Depends on the smoke. White smoke from burning antifreeze would be a crack in the cylinder head or bad head gasket. Dark smoke would be burning oil from bad piston rings.

Would a liquid sealant get rid of white smoke from a car to pass smog?

Probably not. White smoke indicates engine coolant getting into the engine cylinders and burning off. This could be a from a leaking head gasket or a crack in the block.

How many days would it take a person to smoke 4000.00 worth of crack?

one day

How many oyster crackers could a crack oyster cracker cracker crack if a crack oyster cracker cracker could crack oyster crackers?

A crackalackin' crack oyster cracker cracker would crack as many crackalackin' crack oyster crackers as a crackalackin' crack oyster cracker cracker could crack, if a crack oyster cracker cracker could crack oyster crackers in a crackalackin' way.

If you smoked crack but it didnt do anything what do you think would show up on a drug test?

If you smoked crack and it didn't do anything you probably didn't smoke crack however on the of chance that you are immune to the effects of crack there is no reason to assume that it would not show up in a drug test.

Was Tiffany Evans mother a crackhead?

Tiffany Evans mothers drug of flavor was usually meth but it is said that she would take whatever she could get.