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Well it really depends on the guy, If he's all sensitive then you might just have to grin and bear it, But if all else fails just be straight forward. Trust me, I'm a guy and the last thing i would want to do is bore the girl that likes me.

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Q: What do you say to a guy you like when the conversation gets boring?
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What does it mean if a conversation between you and a guy you like is awkward?

Then it just may mean he either likes you, or one of your are just boring..... lol!

She told me she was trying to go out with a different guy but if I bring up the guy I like she gets mad so What should you do if your cousin likes the same guy you do?

talk to her about it. and dont just bring him up in conversation. pretty much start the conversation with 'i like the same guy you do'.

Does that mean the guy you like like you if he gets jealous whenever you talk to your guy friends like goes and joins your conversation and says hi to your guy friend right after you talk to him?

Probably, yes. Or he's just annoying.

What do you talk about with the guy you like he said you were boring when you really am anything but boring?

Don't be boring! He wouldn't say you're boring if you were anything but boring. Additionally; learning to properly use the English language, either written or spoken, will greatly help in your quest to have a conversation with this person; assuming their first language is English as well. From the looks of your question though, this person may be mistaking your "anything but boring" persona with someone of lower intelligence or lacking in education.

How can you entertain a guy over text messaging What does he really want me to say?

Be yourself, dont act like a different person. Dont let the conversation get boring just talk about life, hobbies, etc.

What to talk about with a boring guy?

Make him less boring ask him questions then tell him to ask you. The conversation can get pretty interesting if you ask questions. A question that you could ask him is do you think im pretty or who are the prettiest girls you know.

Why don't women come up to a guy and start a conversation if they like a guy?

lack of confidence

Does the guy you like want you to approach him if he goes near you or gets your attention and stares at you but doesn't talk to you?

Chances are he's shy and if you like him and you notice he is staring at you and frequently gets near you, he is hoping to spark a conversation. if i were you i would approach him and just create small talk.

How do talk with a guy that you really like?

just be yourself start a conversation

What are some good conversation starters with a guy at his locker?

"i like your abs"

Why does a guy after 2 and half years says he does not want to date you anymore?

peole can change..and sometimes the same thing gets boring.

How do you talk 2 a guy that you like but arn't friends with?

just go up to him and start a conversation like hello how are you today? or something to get a conversation started.