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He's confused. He wants to take a break from you (sorry, honey) but also feels like he needs you. He may just want to be friends. Make sure your'e not clingy. Try giving him space and if he still needs it after a while find yourself a new guy.

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Q: What do it mean when your boyfriend tells you he needs space but continue to contact you?
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When your boyfriend ask you to lie low what does he mean?

Your boyfriend is just suggesting that he needs space at this point of your relationship.

What do you do when your boyfriend is avoiding you?

Maybe he needs space or might be going through something, Don't contact him for a few day ...if he doesn't contact you after 5 or 7 days call him and ask where your relationship stand.... If it continues maybe he has found someone and its time for you to move ...

Is your boyfriend cheating when he says he needs space?

mabye but he could really just need some space from you and not want get too serious.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back when you broke up with him and then asked to get back together but he said now he needs to think about it and needs space but you pushed and begged anyway?

Give him the space he says he needs. If you pushed and came across as needy, he may not want to have a relationship.

What does it mean if you miss someone that's not your boyfriend?

It just means that there is someone you had contact with in your past who is no longer that same sort of contact. People aren't replaceable. It has nothing to do with your commitment to your boyfriend, and you should not pursue it.

How do you get rid of your guys crazy ex girlfriend?

Calmly explain that she needs to give you and your boyfriend space and that she is no longer in a relationship with your man.

Why doesnt he contact if said likes you a lot but needs space?

because he's married or has a girlfriend, or he didn't like you naked.

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Your boyfriend says he wants space and that you are smothering him?

then give him space..

How much space is too much space to give your boyfriend?

Depends on when the last time was that you went out on a date or had a conversation. It's really tricky to know how much space (time) someone needs in a relationship. On the wild side, maybe two weeks is too much space, but on the other hand, one week may not be enough. This is something that you and your boyfriend need to discuss together - in person - not on the phone.

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What do you do when your boyfriend says he is just lost right now?

If your boyfriend says that he is just lost right now, you can tell him things that are encouraging. You may also want to tell him that you'll give him space if he needs it but you're there to support him emotionally.