What can causes breast swelling and soreness?

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Breast swelling and soreness is brought about by engorgement or wrongful technique in breastfeeeding .

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Q: What can causes breast swelling and soreness?
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What causes breast swelling?

Pregnancy or breast cancer .

What causes swelling and soreness on left side of head for a week and when swelling went away there is still soreness but no visual signs of anything on the scalp?

I have the same thing.. :( I was hoping for an answer but no... I honestly don't know.. sorry..

What could cause male breast soreness and swelling?

It would be best if you booked an appointment to see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor) for an examination and diagnosis/treatment.

What are the symptoms for a sprained ankle?

There is usally soreness, and swelling.

What diagnosis is swelling and soreness in breast after shooting meth into veins in the breast?

I'm no doctor, but I'm a frequent needle user. In my opinion, you missed. I've never shot up meth, but i bang Oxycontin on a daily basis. First of all you shouldn't inject into your breast. Not sure why, but I've read it everywhere (along with neck and genitals). Anyway, in my experiences, swelling and soreness is due to missing the vein. I'd suggest rubbing it and eventually it should go away.

What are the most common symptoms of Mastitis?

The most common symptoms of Mastitis are fever, soreness and swelling of the breast. Women who breastfeed can develop Mastitis anytime while breastfeeding.

What causes swelling?

What causes swelling?

Can depakote cause breast enlargement and soreness?

Yes it does.

What causes soreness in the breasts?

A number if reasons: menstruation, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, tight bras (probably with unfitting underwires), breast infections etc.

What is breast tenderness its pain or swelling or hardness or softness of breast or nipples?

Breast tenderness is all of that. It could be tenderness, pain, swelling...etc of a breast or nipple

Does your breast get sore when pregnant?

Many but not all women do have soreness or tenderness of the breast during pregnancy.

What is normal effects for a monroe piercing?

Swelling, soreness, redness, minimal puss.

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