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This is common.

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2008-11-28 01:18:32
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Q: Is soreness in the breast supposed to occur before having your period?
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Is Breast soreness for 2 weeks normal?

No it is not. it can be normal when you are having your period or during pregnancy but other than that no. go to your gyno.

Does the soreness of testicles from not having sperm release eventually go away?


Is it possible to get breast cancer if you have a hickie in your breast?

Yes it is possible to get breast cancer if you have a hickie on your breast. Hickies do not prevent breast cancer. However, hickies also do not cause breast cancer. The presence of the hickie is irrelevant to you having or not having breast cancer.

Will having a baby make your breast implants sag?

Will your breast implants sag after having a baby

Do you have your breast removed when having a lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy removes the portion of the breast around the mass. It does not remove the whole breast.

Is it normal to having left breast is slightly larger than right breast?


Does having your period effect breast feeding?


Is it true you can get breast cancer by not having kids?


When having breast enlargement do you have to take out all piercings You want microdermal implants but they have to be cut out to have them removed Would you have to have them removed before surgery?


Can breast get back large after having a baby and already had breast reduction?

I asked my breast reduction surgeon's assistant this question and she said that yes breasts may become large again after having a baby even if you already had a breast reduction.

What are some of the risks associated with transumbilical breast augmentation surgery?

There are many risks associated with transumbilical breast augmentation surgery. One risk when having any surgeries is not having a good reaction to the anesthesia. Also, after the surgery, someone could experience constant pain, having the breast surgery could affect future breast feeding and thinning of the breast tissue.

What the causes breast cancer?

There are many factors that can increase one's rink of obtaining breast cancer. Some of these can include: having dense breast tissue, having had previous chest radiation, among others.

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