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Yes it does.

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2012-02-14 01:28:46
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Q: Can depakote cause breast enlargement and soreness?
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Does the intake of vitamin D cause breast growth?

No, consuming Vitamin D does not cause breast growth or enlargement.

Does the Mirena IUD cause nipple soreness?

About 5% of women complain of breast tenderness on Mirena.

Will prunes cause breast enlargement?

No def not. They are good if you need to do #2 though. Keeps you regular.

Can antibiotics cause breast enlargement?

Some antibiotics can cause Gynecomastia, or abnormal breast enlargement in males. Metronidazole, an antibiotic medication often used to treat bacterial infections, might increase the risk of gynecomastia, as well as isoniazid, an antibiotic for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Why would you experience breast soreness ten days after mensturation?

Many things can cause breast tenderness. At 10 days post menstruation you should be near ovulating which the fluctuation in hormones related to that could cause you breast to be sore. Also, stress has an effect on hormones and that could cause soreness as well. So could a new medication or vitamin. Hope this helped!

Are breast enlargement pills effective?

There is little to no evidence to support the claims that breast enlargement pills work. While there is a chance that they will work, there is no evidence that they are safe. For those pills that have estrogen like effects, they could possibly cause uterine cancer.

What would cause a woman's breasts to be extrememy sore other than monthly hormones?

Outside of hormonal changes around ovulation and menstruation, breast soreness could be due to pregnancy. Breast soreness can be common if your breasts are growing, if you're wearing the wrong size bra or without correct support, in some cases it can be due to issues such as cysts or in rare cases due to breast cancer. If this occurs regularly see your doctor to determine the cause of the soreness.

If you have breast implants and believe you are pregnant should you be concerned that you have no breast tenderness or soreness even though other pregnancy symptoms are present?

It is unlikely that the lack of soreness is due to the implants, but even if that were the case, it is not cause for alarm. In fact, consider it a blessing. It could be that extra breast tissue and glandular tissue is not yet forming. Or it could be that you won't experience any soreness at all. Some women are lucky that way!

Will depakote cause a false positive for THC?

Will depakote cause you to test positive for thc

Sore breasts - why?

Sore breasts may be an indication of hormonal changes such as ovulation, menstruation or pregnancy - not normal, but can occur if there are hormonal imbalances. Breast soreness can also be due to breast growth, especially in your teens, also if you're wearing a bra that is too small or that doesn't give your breasts enough support this can also cause breast soreness.

What cause breast tenderness and nipples soreness?

There are several possibilities matching those symptoms. It could be mastitis. It could be fibrocystic breast condition. The best you can do is to visit a doctor. In order to set a diagnosis, it is needed at least a breast ultrasound and/or a mammogram.

Can the birth control patch cause breast enlargement?

Some women will notice increased breast size on hormonal birth control like the patch, pill, or ring. Most women will not have this side effect.

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