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Depending on the resource, the skills that will help you achieve, maintain, and protect your physical health include:

Good Eating Habits

Regular Exercise

No Smoking

Healthy Body Weight

Good Night's Rest

Quiet Time

Conscious Contact with a Higher Power

Making Healthy Choices

Communication Skills

Refusal Skills

Conflict Resolution

Practicing Healthful Behaviors

Stress Management

Analyzing Influences

Accessing Information

Advocacy The goal should be able to be achieved quickly.

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Skills for Health helps students to understand health-related subjects. The seven skills for health are: access to valid health information, self-management, analysis of internal and external influences, interpersonal communication, decision-making, goal setting, and advocacy.

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Relationship Management, Decision Making, Planning and Goal Setting, Advocacy,

Stress Management, Communication, Self Management.

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Q: What are the seven skills of health?
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