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Smoking low doses of Marijuana rarely has major health risks but the side affects of smoking marijuana are rapid heart beat, increased rate of breathing, increased blood pressure, red eyes, hunger, and slow reaction time.

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Q: What are the main health risks when smoking marijuana?
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What the effects of smoking marijuana?

The main symptom is Paranoia

What are the main health risks in the workplace?

The main health risks are different in different workplaces, depending on what kind of work is performed there, and with what materialsInhalation, ingestion, or absorption of hazardous materials will cause chronic health problems but may not be the main risk in many workplaces.

What is the main purpose of marijuana?

Marijuana has many purposes. The main use of marijuana is for consumption or smoking, whether it be medicinal or recreational. Hemp which is the actual plant, can be used in the production of goods such as paper, and textiles. It is not correct to say marijuana has one purpose.

What is the main debate concerning smoking today?

The main debate about smoking today is in relation to the health hazards that it causes. Smoking is believed to be a main cause of lung cancer and other medical conditions.Ê

What are two main health issues caused by smoking?

Lung cancer

What are the health risks of having a silicone breast?

Their are many health risks of having a silicon breast. The main issue revolves around the irritation to the skin that can be caused by the silicone. This can cause more severe risks if not handled properly.

Does smoking marijuana damage the eyes?

No, in fact it makes your eye sight better. 24 hours after smoking marijuana, the two main streams in your cerebral cortex - the visual dorsal stream and the ventral stream create more the photoreceptive cells.

Why does your head hurt after smoking marijuana?

im not exactly certain of why exactly, but i know from hear say and experience that you get migranes after smoking if there was too many sticks and twigs in it. that's one of the main problems with smoking shake.

What are the 6 health risks behaviors for teens?

The six main health behaviors are:Sedentary LifestyleAlcohol & Drug useTobaccoSexual ActivityDangerous BehaviorPoor Nutrition

What Are Health Risks Of Popcorn?

choking is the main one. or they could explode in your microwave, breaking the microwave and potentionally harming you.

What are the main factors contributing to low health expectancy?

Obesity wroung diet lack of exercise smoking

If you're diagnosed with low sodium in your blood what are the health risks?

If you are diagnosed with low sodium in your blood, the main health risks are things associated with dehydration. While too much salt is bad, so is too little salt or sodium.

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