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The six main health behaviors are:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Alcohol & Drug use
  • Tobacco
  • Sexual Activity
  • Dangerous Behavior
  • Poor Nutrition
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Q: What are the six main health risk behaviors?
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List the six health risk behaviors that lead to health prolems in teens?

Teenage risk behavior are behaviors that will put the child in harms way. These includes fighting, truancy, drug abuse, and unprotected sexual activities.

What are the six CDC risks for teens?

drugs and alcohol nutrition sex risk behaviors tobacco use physical activity injury and violence

That are the six types of risk behaviors that cause the most serious health problems?

- Smoking ( cancer ) - Overeating ( obesity ) - Unprotected promiscuous sex ( STD's, unwanted pregnancy ) - Excessive alcohol drinking ( duunkenness, illegal behavior, liver damage, alcoholism ) - Drug abuse ( addiction, illegal behavior ) - Sedentary lifestyle, ( obesity, health issues )

What are the risky sexual behaviors?

The six main health behaviors are:Sedentary LifestyleAlcohol & Drug useTobaccoSexual ActivityDangerous BehaviorPoor Nutrition

How can you eliminate each of the six modifiable health risk factors?

live an active life by exercising walking jogging about 6 times a week.

Examples for each of six components of health?

What are the six components of health?

How much should a six foot two male weigh?

Acceptable weight for most people 6'2" would be 155-195, precautionary would be 195-210 for a 6'2" male. Risk of health problems due to overweight would be 210+. Risk of health problems for underweight is 130 or under. Health wise you would be good with 130-210.

Identify which three of the six dimensions of health are your strongest?

Identify three of the six dimensions of health that are your strongest.

What are the six main health skills?

accessing information,advocacy,self-management,analyzing influences,decision making/goal setting,and interpersonal communication

List six sources of macro and six sources of micro risk identification?


Can you Name six valid consumer health care resources?

Identify at least six valid consumer health care resources, six valid professional health care resources, and three health care resources that can be utilized by both consumers and professionals.

Of the six most common behaviors which cause accidents which is indicated as the primary collision factor?