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Q: What are 3 reasons that smoking is bad for your health?
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3 reasons why smoking should be illegal?

As smoking is dangerous to ones health, it is equally harmful for people in the same room.It kills you with cancer.

What are bad things for your health?

#1. Smoking #2. sweets #3. Drugs #4. Alcohol

How does smoking affect the trachea?

The trachea is in your throat area. When you inhale, all the bad things from the tobacco (or whatever you my smoke) gets into your trachea. Smoking is VERY bad for you. DON'T YOU EVER START, and if you have, YOU BETTER QUIT IN ABOUT 3 SECONDS.cancer???im gussing your in my health class

Give 3 reasons why smoking is bad for you?

There are actuaally many reasons why somking is bad for you, short-term effects can be yellow teeth, bad breath, expenses more effective long-term effets can be lung cancer, heart diseases, emphysiza and many more. Believe me you dont wanna smoke.

How smoking marijuana can negatively affect all 3 side of the health triangle?


What are the 3 main reasons people start smoking?

stress, fatigue, nervousness, peer pressure

What are the 3 major areas of health risks?

I am thinking that the risk factors of health are Hereditary, Obesity, smoking, and I am thinking there is a forth but I do not remember it.

Is heating mustard oil to smoking point healthy?

Mustard oil contains unsaturated fats and omega-3 EFA which on heating: 1.Unsaturated fats converts into trans fats which is very bad for health. 2.Omega-3,EFA is highly volatile,upon heating omega-3 evaporates very fast. So heated mustard oil is very bad for health.

Is sims 3 bad for your health?

I don't know is sitting in front of a computer bad for you?

What are 3 benefits of quitting smoking?

Improved health outcomes, better smelling breath, and financial savings.

How many attempts does it take someone to quit smoking?

3 attemps in most conditions of super nitrious reasons

Reasons for adult circumcision?

Here are 3 reasons: 1. Not being circumcised at birth 2. Difficulty washing 3. Bad infections

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