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the task is simple and no individual recognition will be given

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Q: Social loafing is more likely to occur when?
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When is a teenager most likely to be a social loafer?

If a group is larger than it needs to be it can lead to social loafing. Check a group communications text for more info on social loafing and group dynamics/communication

Do social workers have promotions?

Yes they do. Still, it is more likely to occur by pursuing the higher degrees.

What can be done about social loafing?

you need a strong leader that can take charge, appoint one person to lead the group. When you have more and more people in a group, often less gets done.

How do you reduce social loafing?

Social loafing: occurs when an individual is less productive (exerts less effort) working in a group/team than s/he is working independently.Most likely to occur in large teams where individual output is difficult to measureWhen task is boringWhen objective is not importantWhen team doesn't value membershipHow you could reduce this is byCreating some form of performance measurment for each individual, that way they will be motivated to do well, as it will be indicated to their peers and managersAdd some creativity to the task so that it is not boring, when something is fun people are more motivated to do itMake the importance of the task known, explicitly state its impact and consequencesIncrease team cohesion through team building activity (just a suggestion)

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