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Try the patch. The most important factor is you have to WANT to quit. Then it is possible. If you don't want it, you will pick them up again... reassuring yourself that "at least I know how to quit now" while you are lighting up...

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One of the medications created to help people stop smoking is called NiQuitin. Their products consist of gum, lozenges and patches. Each of the products contains nicotine which helps reduce the cravings for a cigarette.

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your m o m

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Q: Is there a medication to assist you in quitting smoking?
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Can quitting smoking cause a missed period?

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

Trying to stop smoking marijuana your doctor is suggesting lexapro for your derpression and anxiety would this help with quitting smoking marijuana?

Definitely helped with me. I would suggest quitting smoking completely when you start the medication. The contrast in how I felt was like day and night for me. Also, I dont feel as much of a desire to drink either

Are legal smoking blends really helpful in quitting smoking?

Legal smoking blends may or may not be helpful for quitting smoking. The effect that they have depends greatly on the person and their readiness to quit.

Is quitting smoking bad for you?

Absolutely not. Continuing your habit is bad for you, quitting is good for you.

Can quitting smoking make you tired?

yes because smoking is a stimulant

Is ringing in the ears a symptom of quitting smoking?


What can I use to help me quit smoking?

Good news, there are many resources that you can utilize to assist you in your journey of quitting smoking! There are many great online resources-such as smoke, quitnet,com, and An excellent person to talk to is your family doctor. They can recommend methods to quit, steps to quit, and offer guidance. Some methods include nicotine patches, which can be placed on your body, or gum, which you can chew. Both are said to assist in the process of quitting smoking. Good luck on your journey!

Can you get a blood clot after quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking will not cause you to suffer a blood clot. You can, of course, still have a blood clot, but it will not happen as a result of your failure to smoke.

Why quit drinking?

Smoking has been shown to cause premature aging and increase the risk of disease. Quitting smoking is not easy, but there are resources available to assist you. Speak with a doctor about quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do for your health and longevity. Smoking has been blamed for a slew of ailments ranging from heart disease to lung disorders, all of which can jeopardize your longevity plans.

That most people who start smoking think that they will someday have a difficult time quitting?

yes it will be hard quitting

How do you reverse the effects of smoking?

Stop smoking, concentrate on nutrition and exercise, and get plenty of rest. These things will not only help you overcome the depression that sometimes accompanies quitting, but they will also help keep you from gaining weight and assist your body in recovering overall.

Where can information on the benefits of quitting smoking be found?

While you can find a lot of benefits of quitting smoking on-line and in leaflets, the best advice and information is obtained from professional Doctors.