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yes it will be hard quitting

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Q: That most people who start smoking think that they will someday have a difficult time quitting?
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Do flatulence and quitting smoking go hand in hand?

No; in fact, for most individuals who are initially quitting smoking experience constipation and generally a lack of flatulence due to lower movement in the bowels. Some people quitting smoking chew excessive amounts of gum, some of which can contain sugar alcohols like malitol which can cause flatulence and diarrhea.

What is quit smoking program and how effective is?

The quit smoking program on any country aims to get people aware of smoking dangers, it is somewhat effective. However, more and more people is quitting smoking by themselves through internet articles.

How many people have succeded at quitting smoking?

In the past year 30-40% of people that have had at least one smoke have quit!

How do you force someone to quit smoking do not give me anything like you can't or how dare you I just want the answer?

Use love, tenderness, patiently explain the benefits of quitting smoking, don't do it alone, ask for help from friends, tell him that to quit is not difficult, search websites for advices. You can't force, smoking is often very difficult for some people to quit it. That's a question that involve time and efforts.

What can you take for mood swings after quitting smoking?

The best book for people who want to stop smoking is 'The NSCI Stop-Smoking Handbook, by Robert Brynin', the Research Director of the National Smoking Cessation Institute. You have to buy it on Amazon.

Why are drugs and smoking bad?

If drugs and smoking were a good thing, all the people on the world would be smoking, drinking and using drugs. Less and less people nowadays are quitting smoking and they feel much better afterwards. So that happens to all other malefic drugs.

How long after quitting smoking does it take to start getting hard erections?

For most people, there is no relationship between smoking and the firmness of the erection. (But many partners find "smoker's breath" unpleasant...)

How does quitting smoking help if second hand smoke kills?

Because the more people who quit smoking the less second hand smoke there will be. Any reduction in smoke entering your lungs is benficial.

Do you always want a cigarette after quitting?

Yes when you quit and you see other people smoking it then gonna affect you then you will want one you will also get crazy

How can one help another quit smoking?

One can help another quit smoking by being supportive. Not smoke oneself next to the person, which is trying to quit, avoid places, where people smoke, and attempt to distract the quitting person from smoking.

Does anyone know of a local support group in Bellingham for people who want to quit smoking I am interested in a face-to-face support group, not an Internet chat room. If you have been successful in quitting, tell me how you did it!?

Contact the Bellingham Asthma and Allergy Support Group (AAFA) at (360) 733-5733 for help quitting smoking. Good luck!

How does tobacco affect the metabolic system?

It increases the body's metabolism. Quitting smoking therefore often has the result that people gain weight afterwards, sometimes considerably.