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Legal smoking blends may or may not be helpful for quitting smoking. The effect that they have depends greatly on the person and their readiness to quit.

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Q: Are legal smoking blends really helpful in quitting smoking?
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Can doing exercises be helpful for getting rid of smoking?

You mean quitting smoking? Yes, exercises are good at releasing the same endorphins in the brain as smoking does. It releases a lot of stress, and after you exercise you will not feel like smoking a cigarette at all. It will really help the lungs regain their strength and efficiency as well.

Do quit smoking cigarettes really work?

Smokeless or electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, the addictive agent in tobacco, and would not be helpful in completely quitting. A better alternative would be to consult a physician for a qualified smoking cessation program.

How do nicotine gum and the nicotine patch help smokers quit smoking?

Nicotine gum and patches deliver controlled amounts of nicotine to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoking. This can make it easier for individuals to gradually decrease their dependence on nicotine and eventually quit smoking. The gum and patch also provide a more socially acceptable and less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Advice for not smoking?

To keep u up with it i say to say to yourself that you are doing the right thing Also Find a reason to quit...Weather its your child, spouse, loved one or just plainly the sake of you're health, find that thing. And then Just when you want to give up remember that thing and why you are quitting in the first place! :) And this doesn't just go for quitting smoking... Its for anything you really want to accomplish.

Does quitting smoking cause aggressive behavior?

it can cause you really want to smoke but you dont so u get so angry so easily. its like when u want choclate and u cant have any

There are so many anti-smoking laws now that I have to stop smoking. Any suggestions on the most effective ways to quit?

Just go cold turkey. It is the most reliable way to quit. If you make it through the first week without smoking you'll never smoke again. Quitting smoking is hard. You will need the help of friends to make sure you really stop for good.

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Collect a Lot of Quit Smoking Tips?

There's no one silver bullet piece of magical advice when it comes to quitting smoking. Your best bet is really to collect a lot of quit smoking tips from everybody you know who has successfully quit smoking in the past. By applying a dozen different strategies and seeing what works, you can come up with a quit smoking plan that works best for you, involving just the best pieces of everyone else's ideas and advice.

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