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yes its perfectly fine...tanning while on your period will do you nothing! :) but i suggest that if your going to tan without undergarments to wear a tampon! :) hollayyy

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Q: Is it safe to tan while on your period?
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Is it safe to tan in a salon while on your period?

No. Tanning (using UV lights) is not safe to do at all. Tanning can cause cancer of the skin in later life.

Is it safe to tan while you take seizure medications?

ask rbbo he fake tans all the time! safe yer leave it yeah dench

The 18th day of your period is safe for pregnancy?

If you are referring to a safe time to have unprotected sex without the possibility of becoming pregnant then remember this. There are no safe days! Some women - while rare - have become pregnant even while on their period.

When on your period do you not tan good?

Menstruation doesn't effect how well you tan.

How safe for your skin is spray tan?

A spray tan is a safe alternative to spending countless hours in the sun ultraviolet rays. The main ingredient in spray tan bottles is dihydroxyacetone, which will tan skin for a few days and is harmless to the skin.

Is it safe to take myra E when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Which tanning bed is the least damaging to my skin while still providing a great tan?

The ProSun Azure Tanning Bed is pretty safe.

Is it safe to take Myra 400 e when having a menstrual period?

is it okay to take myrae while having period

Is it safe to stop birth control when period exist?

You are suppose to be off of the pill while you have your period. The pills you take during your period are only sugar and do nothing.

Will your period affect your tan in a tanning bed?


What is the period of tan?

The period of the function y= tan(x) is pie The periods of the functions y= cos(x) and y= sin(x) is 2pie

Is it safe to run while having a period?

no cause blood will leak through your undies its nasty.