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No. Tanning (using UV lights) is not safe to do at all. Tanning can cause cancer of the skin in later life.

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Q: Is it safe to tan in a salon while on your period?
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Is it safe to tan while on your period?

yes its perfectly fine...tanning while on your period will do you nothing! :) but i suggest that if your going to tan without undergarments to wear a tampon! :) hollayyy

Where is the tan at Fantage?

the tan salon is at the sunblock st the beach

How can you become tan in less time?

Tanning salon.

Which is a good, less expensive, organic and safe spray tan brand?

If you are not wanting to go to a salon, many companies offer mobile tanning where they come to you. While it may be difficult to find an inexpensive spray tan that is only organic, you may want to look into brands that are more natural for example leaving out additional alcohol.

Where can one get a Hollywood tan?

One can get a Hollywood tan at one of many different locations of the tanning salon by the name Hollywood Tan. There are 148 locations throughout the US and one can access the salon website to find a location that is convenient.

How do you get a tan like british diver Tom Daley?

tanning salon

What are the three common ways to get a tan?

1. You could go to a tanning salon 2. You could lay out in the sun and get a tan 3. You could get a spray tan

What are the discounts for tanning bed employees?

At my work all the girls who work at the tanning salon get free tanning. I'm sure it depends from salon to salon. The reason we get free tanning is so we can look tan, if a customer comes in to tan, and they see someone pale behind the desk, they will think the tanning beds at that salon don't work. Basically giving us free tanning makes us a walking billboard, someone will ask me where I tan and I will say my work name, and then they will go there because I look so tan. Simple

Good job to have to get a tan?

lifeguard, tanning salon, gardener, construction worker

Is it safe to tan while you take seizure medications?

ask rbbo he fake tans all the time! safe yer leave it yeah dench

Can a 13 year old get a spray tan?

Tanning is not a safe alternative to sunning. They used to say that you should get a nice healthy tan. There is really no such thing as a healthy tan. When your skin darkens it is because it is cooking. I know a lot of people that have had skin cancer and wished that they didn't go after that "healthy tan". If you insist on getting a tan then you should have your parents or guardians ask a tanning salon if they have an age restriction.

Is zote good for pimples?

No the best way to get rid of pimples is to tan at a tanning salon