What is the period of tan?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The period of the function y= tan(x) is pie

The periods of the functions y= cos(x) and y= sin(x) is 2pie

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Q: What is the period of tan?
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What is the period of tan x?

The period of the function y= tan(x) is pie The periods of the functions y= cos(x) and y= sin(x) is 2pie

Is it safe to tan while on your period?

yes its perfectly fine...tanning while on your period will do you nothing! :) but i suggest that if your going to tan without undergarments to wear a tampon! :) hollayyy

Determine the period of y equals tan 2x?


How do you find the period of tangent function?

You find the smallest positive value y such that tan(x + y) = tan(x) for all x.

What is the period of y equals tan2x?

The period of the tangent function is PI. The period of y= tan(2x) is PI over the coefficient of x = PI/2

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Why tangent 360 degree is equal to zero?

The tangent function is a periodic function with period 180 degrees sotan(360) = tan(360-2*180) = tan(0) = 0.

What is cot of pi - pi over 4 given that tan of pi over 4 equals 1?

First: note 3 things about cot and tan, and note the given statement:cot = 1/tantan is cyclic with a period of π, that is tan(nπ + x) = tan(x)tan is an odd function, that is tan(-x) = -tan(x)tan(π/4) = 1Now apply them to the problem:cot(π - π/4) = 1/tan(π - π/4)= 1/tan(-π/4)= 1/-tan(π/4)= 1/-1 = -1Thus:cot(π - π/4) = -1.

What is periodical in reference to math?

It is used when a function takes the same values after some fixed interval, and multiples of that interval. For example, tan(x) = tax(x + 180) = tan(x + 360) = tan(x + n*180) for all integer values of n. So tan is said to be periodic, with period 180 degrees (or π radians).