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yes and if you need more answers go to it is a sight all for girls it is free and you can chat and even email the lady who created it and ask questions her name is iris

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Q: Is it normal to have a lot of discharge a few days before your period?
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Is it normal to get brown discharge 4 days before period in virgins?

Yes, it is completely normal to get brown discharge for four days before your period, this is spotting which is just light bleeding as your period starts. A virgin is absolutely no different to a non-virgin.

Does your discharge stop before you get your period?

It can stop a few days before. (or at least it does for me)

What would spotting pinkish brownish discharge 2 weeks before and for a few days off and on before your period mean?

It's totally normal. It's just dried blood from your last period.

Red Spotting mixed with white creamy cm 3 days before period?

Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching.

What does it mean when you have brown discharge couple days before your period?

brown discharge a few days before your period is totally normal. this may sound gross, but it's old blood from your last cycle, its your body just getting rid of it to get ready for the new uterine wall and blood coming. hope that helps!

Is discharge normal after your period?

Yes as long as the discharge does not smell bad or worse than your period and should only last a couple of days. If longer than two days go to the doctor.

What does it mean when the blood in your period changes?

If for instance it is a day or two before your periods and you expect pinkish/reddish discharge; its normal and if it is days after your period and you experience dark red or brownish (blood) or discharge, it is probably old blood excreting your body and its also normal. It can only be something to worry about if it has a blood smell and is continuous.

If you have pinkish red discharge after wiping but just had period 4 days before?

That is called spotting. Women often spot the day before or a few days after their period.

Is it normal to have discharge after you've had your period?

Yes, It's normal to have an ocassional spot of blood sometimes two days after your peiriod, clear is also normal.

Is your period supposed to be white the first time you come on?

No. Your period is blood, so it will be red. You may just be experiencing vaginal discharge which is white. It is nothing to worry about. If you do not get your period right away it is probably coming soon. This is completely normal though. Most women experience vaginal discharge a few days before their period.

Is it normal to have watery cervical mucus 4 days after ovulation?

yes, because the same thing always happens to me, its always right before my period comes, like a week before i get somewhat thick discharge

Could creamy white discharge a few days before period is due be a sign of pregnancy?