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No, the face-down position is prone, face up is supine, lateral is a side-lying position. Lateral refers to one side or the other. Those in a lateral position will be referred to as lying in a left lateral or right lateral recumbent position.

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Q: Is a person face down in the lateral position?
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What kind of position is the Supine position?

The term Supine position refers to the position of a person lying down with ones face up. When one is lying down with the face down it is known as the prone position.

When a person lies on his back facing up then the person is said to be in the position.?

Laying on the back, face up is the supine position.Laying on the front, face down is the prone position.

What is the position of an unconsious swimmer?

If it is on the surface and face down. The person will have their arms over their head with their face in the water and their legs will dangle down in the water. If the victim is submerged the person will be leaning a little forward in a nearly verticals position in the water

How does a face-down Attack position monster work?

A monster in face-down Attack position is unable to declare attacks. It can be flipped or Flip Summoned, both actions will switch it into face-up Attack position. It can also have its battle position change by the controlling player, switching it from face-down Attack position to face-down Defence position.

What is a person lying face down called?

An individual laying face down is often refered to as laying "prone." This position is most common during sleep, and can also be an intentional position depending on the activity the individual is participating in.

What is face-down Defense Position in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Face-down Defence Position refers to a monster card that is both:In Defense Position (the card is horizontal)and face-down (you can only see the card's back)

What is and anatomical position for face down?


How can a monster be in face-down Attack position?

Only the Spell card Darkness Approaches can flip a monster into face-down Attack position. By discarding two cards, Darkness Approaches lets you flip one face-up monster face-down without changing the battle position (so a monster may end up in face-down Attack position).

What is a lateral face in geometry?

Lateral means side.

What is the difference between face down defense position and face up defense position?

the face down defence position can special summon it also makes the opponent guess what that card is such as man eater bug

What is lateral faces?

The lateral face for a prism or pyramid is any edge or face which is not part of a base.

The height of each lateral face?

The height of each lateral face of an unspecified object is unknowable.

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