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yes ,you can walk. your balance is off a little,but you seem too favor the out side of your foot more than before.

^^^have you ever seen the Amanda show?!?!?!?!

you will never walk again.


unless you find the toe (you probably wont)

^ The person above me obviously has no idea what they're talking about. I got my Big toe on my left foot cut off when I was 4. I'm 20 & I can run, jog, sprint, jump etc.

I do however stand with my feet facing outwards. Where my toe would be is rounded off and I have A callus on the underside.

watch out for that cable.$ The p

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Depends on its size

(Thats what she said)

Second answer from editor: Most people who lose the baby toe and the one next to it usually do well and can walk the same as before they lost them. It does depend on your weight, balance problems in the brain and your inner ear. If you are very over weight you may not be able to walk with the same gait as before the loss.

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no. no you can't. or you can if you were born with out one because you would've learned to walk like that.

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Q: If you lose your big toe does it throw off your balance and can you still walk?
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