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If you're pregnant and are dropping blood clots (especially for a month!) you should definitely see a doctor immediately!

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Q: I started to discharge brown fluid then one day i had bad cramping and blood cloths started to discharge out its been a month now and I'm still discharging blood clots am i having a miscarriage?
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May have had a miscarriage you passed tissue but you did not save it and didnt think anything of it until you just started your period again i had no other signs or symptoms of a miscarriage?

Were you diagnosed as pregnant? If you were in fact pregnant and now started you period again you "did" have a miscarriage. In the early stages of pregnancy a miscarriage is not always going to have any major symptioms. Discharging tissue could be something else if you weren't pregnant. I would see a doctor if you continue to have such discharge in the future.

What happens to the baby if its still alive after a miscarriage?

Usually a miscarriage happens because the baby passed away, before any cramping or bleeding started.

I had a miscarriage in July and now I am pregnant again about 5 weks Today I started cramping but no bleeding should I be concerned?

Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding. Cramping is totally normal aslong as there is no bleeding.

Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

You started your period a week early Iv been spotting for 4 days brown discharge with light cramping could you be pregnant?

possibly, or it could be a very early miscarriage ....... or it could just be your body doing weird things during your period

You are taking cytotec for miscarriage how long does it take to start working?

I started having red blood discharge at about 4 -5 hours after taking the cytotec...

I had a miscarriage in march but i am trying to get pregnant again i got my period on the 25th last month but it it the 20th now and i have just started cramping and bleeding can i be pregnant?

There is a slim chance of you being pregnant.

Will you be able to feel that you had a miscarriage if Im only 7 wks pregnant and is there always bad cramping so early?

Not always. I just started spotting brown when i had my miscarriage. didn't know it was happening until they did my hcg levels and they were going down. I had no cramps, just blood and blood clots.Although, I have heard the first period after a miscarriage can be heavier and more crampy, but I have not had it yet.

What happens during miscarriage?

During a miscarriage, the body expels the pregnancy tissue. This can result in symptoms such as cramping, bleeding, and passing of blood clots. It is a distressing experience both physically and emotionally. It is important to seek medical attention if you suspect a miscarriage.

You started bleeding heavily a week before your period and you have no other symptoms of a normal period such as cramping sore breasts etc Could you have been pregnant and now having a miscarriage?

Probably not. A week or so either way doesn't mean you are pregnant and some months you don't have all the symptoms. If it was a miscarriage you would have had more than that.

Is there a way of stopping a miscarriage when the pain has started?


You have been bloated and cramping for the last three weeks your period was due on monday 18 Jan 10 and you started having a dark discharge two days before and on monday that your period was due it st?

Go see a Doctor.