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I started having red blood discharge at about 4 -5 hours after taking the cytotec...

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2009-01-22 23:38:05
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Q: You are taking cytotec for miscarriage how long does it take to start working?
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Are you having a miscarriage if there's no bleeding?

If your not bleeding then your pregnant if you start bleeding in your pregnancy it's a miscarriage

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Can your thyroid start working again after taking thyroid medicine for 10 yrs?

very unlikely

Can you bleed a lot at the start of a miscarriage?

While many women who miscarry will start with only spotting, it is possible that the first sign of miscarriage can be heavy bleeding, possibly with clot or tissue passage.

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If you didn't have your period this month and you start taking the pill on the 30Th when will the pill start working?

You shouldn't start taking the pill until you have started or have just ended you period. You should speak to your doctor about when you should start taking the pill if it has been prescribed to you for cycle regulation because you will need to make sure that the reason you have not had a period is not due to pregnancy.

How many months after a miscarriage is safe for pregnancy?

It may depend on the reason for the miscarriage and how far into the pregnancy she was. There is no reason not to start trying again right away, after a very early miscarriage - with your doctor's OK.

Having a period while possibly being pregnant?

Start of a miscarriage, you have.

How long after a miscarriage do you start a period?

A heavy flow or menstruation itself is an indication that a miscarriage has occurred. You may start conceiving again the same month around the time of ovulation. Hope this helps!

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What are the chances of getting pregnant right after taking cytotec?

Right after you will bleed for 2-4 weeks and is not allowed to have sex. The test will show positive until the pregnancy hormones have settled which can take 2 months. After the bleeding your cycle will start all over again so then you can get pregnant.

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