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you should stop taking the pill and ask a doctor for a new prescription and tell him the sidafects you were having so he doesn't prescribe to anyone ELES! This happened to me and a friend when beginnign on the pilland is normal I think. Don't stop taking it. Keep following the intructions and itll stop at the end off your next expected period. this one should be normal length and it should fall into more of a pattern, you just have to allow your body to adjust.

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Q: I have started taking the pill this month and this is the 3rd time i have had a period this month. what should i do?
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If i am taking birth control but i haven't started my period for the month should i be concerned?

You can miss a period when you are the pill and it totally normal do not stop taking your pills!!!! Just take a pregnancy test if it says you are not pregnant then you are not pregnant. Your period should come the next month if seek medical attention.

Is it okay if you started taking your birth control pill the day after your period ended?

You really should of taken the pill the day your period started so it doesnt alter your cycle. But yes its ok but your period may be late next month.

If you didn't have your period this month and you start taking the pill on the 30Th when will the pill start working?

You shouldn't start taking the pill until you have started or have just ended you period. You should speak to your doctor about when you should start taking the pill if it has been prescribed to you for cycle regulation because you will need to make sure that the reason you have not had a period is not due to pregnancy.

Is it normal to get your period 5 times a month?

No normally your period should only come once a month but if your period has just started then they usually take a while to settle into a pattern. If it continues you should visit a doctor.

Do you starts a new pack of birth control if your not finished with the pack your on at the end of the month?

You should have started taking your pills the sunday or so after your period started. Just follow it by day, not month, after that. Example: Say you were taking your pills through the end of this month (July 2012) which ends on a Tuesday. Even though the calendar month has ended, there should still be the rest of the week's worth of pills on your pill container. Simply follow them through to the end, as opposed to starting on Wednesday of next month's dose.

Does it mean you pregnant while taking Yasmin and your on the 7 non active pills and you don't have a period?

Not necessarily. You should check with your doctor to be positive, of course, but some women skip a period occasionally. It is more likely if you have just started taking the pills (the last month or two), and your body isn't totally adjusted to them yet.

You have been prescribed to take the Cilest Pill to regulate your periods you have started today should you still take them or leave them to next month?

you are supposed to begin taking cilest on the first day of your period. Then you are protected from day one.

Is it normal to be a month late for your period if you just started taking the pill?

yes it is normal. I was late when I first started too. Just wait it out, but if you dont have it after 2 months, i would call your OBGYN

Is it possible to not get on your period the first month of taking Depo-Provera?

Yeah its normal :-) i just started retaking it been on it 5 yrs :) am only 22 lol

What will the effects be if you stopped taking birth control for three months and then started back up?

If you start taking the pill during your period (meaning six days within the day it started)it will have no effect at all,that is,it will protect you immediately.if you start taking it at any other time, it will take a month for it to work.

You have your period for a month now what should you do?

definitely visit a o.b.g.y.n. could mean a lot of different unhealthy situations taking place

If you stop using the pill halfway through your cycle how soon will a pregnancy test be effective?

If you stopped taking your birth control pills half way through the month, you can take a pregnancy test as soon as one, two, or three days after your period should have started. If you do not know when you should have started, wait a week and take the test.