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Not at all. You just feel tired afterwards but it passes if you just stay awake for 10 minutes.

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Q: IS Having a sex causes weakness?
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What can cause overall weakness?

Overall weakness (otherwise known as generalized weakness) is usually caused by having a low blood pressure or feeling fatigued. Some potential causes of overall weakness are dehydration, strokes, hypothermia and heat exhaustion.

What is the sex weakness of a guy?

how to cure sexaul weakness

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Drinking while pregnant Drinking ALOT before having sex Doing drugs while pregnant Doing drugs before sex Having sex with a family member (either brother or sister)

What causes stronger heart beats but normal resting?

Excitment about girls, sex, or having a boner.

What causes pus in semen?

1) Having sex with infected partner through oral or vagina.

What are the causes of premarital pregnancy?

The cause of premarital pregnancy is having sex, just like marital pregnancy.

Can AIDS causes sexual weakness?


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The answer to a rapid growth in population is in how many times people have sex each hour/day if people keep having sex then the population will grow more and more each day/week.

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What causes sex addiction?

its mostly age and it can also be a company or desire for companion There is usually something else behind it that they try to block out by having sex. Therapy helps with that.

What causes aching and pain in men's hip area?

Too much sex or having violent/rough sex. Next be more gentle or not up all night.

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