What is a word for having no sex?

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Abstinent - Practicing not having sex.

Abstinence - The act of intentionally not having sex.

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Q: What is a word for having no sex?
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What 11 letter word means to do with sex?

An 11 letter word having to do with sex is fornication.

What is copulation another name for?

Copulation is another word for sexual intercourse (having sex). The word "fornication" also means the same thing (sexual intercourse/having sex).

What word means feature or quality in reading?

having sex

What is another word for 'human activities'?

Having sex having sex could be one or maybe the big "it" or maybe Lighten the candle would better then saying sex

What is the meaning of the word shagidelic as used by Austin powers?

When Austin Powers uses the word "shag", he refers to having sex. Using deductive reasoning, "shagidelic" means "sexy" or "worthy of having sex with".

Is it true if you have a firm butt it would hurt during sex?

In one word- no. In more than one word it depends what kind of sex you're having

How do you use the word simulate in the sentence?

Geoffrey likes to simulate having sex by fapping.

What is a metaphor using the word dedication?

dedication is like having sex with ashley olmedo

What is a sentence using the word abstain?

The couple agreed to abstain from having sex until they are married.

What does afair mean?

Afair means as far as I remember. It's another word for having sex.

Is there a bad word that starts with X?

Yes its xire and it means two men having sex

Are you gay when you are fornicating?

Fornicating is just an unpleasant word meaning having sex. It depends whom you are fornicating. If the same sex, then, yes, you may be gay. If the opposite sex, then, no, you are probably straight.

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