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Drinking while pregnant

Drinking ALOT before having sex

Doing drugs while pregnant

Doing drugs before sex

Having sex with a family member (either brother or sister)

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Q: What are the causes of having special child?
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What are the benefits for a child having the fathers last name?

It is ancient common law that a child born to a married couple gets the father's last name because that father would care for and support the child until maturity in a family household. It is also ancient common law that an unmarried mother gets to give the child her own name.

What is meant when a child is at risk of having SEN?

I think you mean child with Special Educational Needs. A child with ADHD or Dyslexia for instance could be such a child. They might have to go to special class or need more help studying. A child with Dyslexia would have to learn how to read when you are a Dyslexic.

Does Kei Takishima and Hikari Hanazono of special a having their child?

no, they are still young to have a child and besides they still need to get married after doing so :))

What causes my child's stomach to cramp after having her tonsils removed?

Ask your doctor - not an anonymous web-site !

What are some of the main causes of teen pregnancy?

I feel that the causes of teen pregnancy would be having only one parent in that child life, peer pressure, and not having one's on mind to do what supppose to be done

What is the meaning of special child?

special child are those child which are disable or we can say need special care

What were Shakespeare's childhood achievements?

There is no record of him having done anything special as a child. Unless you count getting married when he was 18.

what are the example of special children?

you yourself are the ex of special child for your mother every child is special for his/her mother

Do Nursing creates a special bond between infant and mother?

It is true that along with having many health benefits, nursing also creates a special bond between mother and child.

What is special child means?

1:important child 2:special ed

Is Sasha Obama OK or is she a special needs child?

Sasha Obama is not a special needs child.

If Wantings are the symptoms for male child birth for pregnant women?

There is nothing special you crave when having a boy. It's the same for both boy and girl.