How often should one shower?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Everyday because you don't know how much germ entered your body since the last time you had a shower,and the same thing for washing your hand too!

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Q: How often should one shower?
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How often should you take a bath other than a shower?


How often should a shower curtain be replaced?

If the shower curtain is in bad shape then it need to get replaced ASAP. Shower curtains are very cheap. If people go somewhere like a dollar store they can get them for one dollar.

How often should you have a bath or shower?

every day or night

How often should a teenage girl shower?

Every day.

How often should one change their shower curtain if it is the only shower for a family of four?

Shower curtains, with proper care, can last a year or more. But if you notice mold or stains on your curtain despite cleaning it then replace it to avoid harmful germs and bacteria.

How often should a third grader shower?

Every other day or every day

How many shower should take a week?

One should take a shower on a day basis making it seven times a week.

Why should you shower?

cuz your the ickhead for not having one!! :@:@

Why should Michael Glomnes wash the shower?

Because he is the Chosen One! And also to keep the shower clean.

How often sould one shower?

Every 24 minutes so get scrubing.

How often should you shower a husky?

Whenever it starts getting smelly or looks dirty. It depends on the dog and what it normally does.

Should you Bathe or Shower during pregnancy?

it does not matter either one you chose