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If you look anything close to a raisin or a prune, you've been in the shower too long

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Q: Shower how long should one stay in the shower?
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Can the groom attend the bridal shower?

On some occasions there is a mixed bridal shower, but if that is not announced in the bridal shower then no, the groom should stay away from the bridal shower and only be there at the end of the bridal shower to pick up his bride to be after the shower is over.

How long do your pores stay open after a shower?

1/2 Hr

Do afros stay puffy in the shower?

With curly hair, I can say for sure that afros don't stay puffy in the shower.

How long do temporary tatoos stay on?

My children wear temporary tattoos and they always stay on until they take a shower. You should have no problem getting the tattoo to stay on all day.

How do you take a quick shower?

well..... put the water at freezing. stay in as long as you like

How long does a airbrush tattoo stay on?

a week depends how much u shower or have a bath

How do you stay clean for one day?

I don't know if it's obvious already, but you should probably shower!!

How you stay clean?

shower reguarly use diodrant after a shower put clean clothes on so the bacteria doesn't infect you

How long does your pore stay open after shower?

pore is always open just the water doesn't flow through it !

Can you get cold after shower?

If you stay with the water on your head fro a long time, then you might catch a cold and fever with a cough.

Is it odd that you have to shower with your grandpa?

If you are a male and there is no inappropriate touching going on it may be a little unusual but not necessarily wrong. Men shower together at gyms and clubs everywhere. If you are a female...get out of the shower now and stay out.

What stores sell extra long shower curtains?

Stores that sell hookless shower curtains are HomeDepot, Vintagetube, Walmart, etc. Buyers can buy the curtains either at the stores themselves, or order on their websites with a cost for shipping fee.