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As much as she wants but it depends on how much the couple is involved with each other.

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Q: How often should a girl call her boyfriend of more than two years?
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Should i call my friend or my boyfriend?

Your Boyfriend♥

What should you call your boyfriend with a lovely nickname?

well I would call my boyfriend honey or sweety or sexy!

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Should your boyfriend call you a sweet name if you call him one?

Yes he should because he shows that he really loves you.

After a fight with a boyfriend of 18 months how long should you wait before you call him?

you should call him in two days

What should you do if you boyfriend choke's you?

Call 911 especially if its frequent

How often should you call your boyfriend if that's your first boyfriend?

maybe once a day but you can text him too When ever you feel like you need to talk to him. If he seems like he's annoyed or not listening he might be very impatient.

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If he's your boyfriend you should already be dating... shouldn't you.... you just don't call a random guy your boyfriend!

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You should not let being scared from calling a boy if that's what you really want to do. You may be able to call the boy if you pretend that he is a girlfriend until he gets on the phone. You will then see that there is nothing to be scared of.

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If he is your boyfriend, you should not be afraid to call him on the phone. It would be hard to call a boy you like for the first time. You might be unsure if he feels the same way about you.

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