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If he is your boyfriend, you should not be afraid to call him on the phone. It would be hard to call a boy you like for the first time. You might be unsure if he feels the same way about you.

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Q: Is it hard to call your boyfriend for the first time?
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How do you get your boyfriend to call you for the first time?

If he has never called you he is not your BF. A BF is someone with whom you are having a long term realtionship with.

When your boyfriend asks you if you want time what do you do?

tell him how you REALLY feel it will be hard

Why are you always the first to txt or ring your boyfriend?

I'm a guy, and we're shy. We dont know when to call. we spend most of our time pacing around by our phones thinkin "should I call?"

What to do when your sisters boyfriend beats her?

if it has happened more than once, call the police if this is the first time, tell her to break up with him and try and stay clear of him until he acts calmer, it is unsafe to have an abusive boyfriend

Why does my ex boyfriend call me all the time?

he cannot forget you so he calls you all the time

Would you forgive your boyfriend for not inviting you to his best friend's birthday party even though his friend invited you Specially taken that his friend's sister is your boyfriend's ex girlfriend?

yes but if you give him a hard time about it first, he might do something nice for you to make it up, if he is a true boyfriend

How do you tell your mother you have a boyfriend for the first time?


What do you call a mountain that erupts from time to time?

This is a hard one! VOLCANO!

What does it mean if your boyfriend asks for your number and doesnt call?

He could have just forgotten your number.If he doesn't call then he is busy OR he doesn't have the time at that moment to call you,YET.Just because a guy doesn't call you doesn't mean that he doesn't care about you.Give him time.It's hard for a guy to pick up a phone and call a girl.He can get just as nervous as you can if you are going to call him.Don't hang around the phone waiting for him to call,give him some time.

Is it illegal for a child to call a non parent dad?

NO, its the child's decision, I call my mums boyfriend dad all the time.

When is a good time to hug your boyfriend for the first time?

First date! guys want you to show interest!

Why does your boyfriend not call you for three days at a time?

We're idiots, unreliable, and occasionally, jerks. It's natural; but if he doesn't call for 5 days, you call him.