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Yes he should because he shows that he really loves you.

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Q: Should your boyfriend call you a sweet name if you call him one?
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What is the sweetiest thing to call to your boyfriend?

i usually call him sweetie or honey and with his name ! but you can make nicknames if you want that would be sweet and only between you like a secret ! ;)

What names should I call my boyfriend?

urm how about - babe, hun, hunny .... his name?! If he has a nickname call him that x

What should you call your boyfriend's mum?

I would call her by miss or mrs and use her first name. it works for me.

When your boyfriend calls you sweety what does it mean?

It means he views you as sweet and pleasant to be around. It's a pet name many call their partners to show affection.

What do call the sister of your boyfriend?

Her name.

What do you call a boyfriend whose girlfriend is dead?

Just his name. He isn't a boyfriend anymore is he

I call my girlfriend ladybug Is this really weird and should I find her a different name more generic like babe or hon?

No i call my girlfriend that too. She loves it and it's sweet.

What does it mean when your boyfriend call you sugar?

It's just a term of endearment. He is using something other than your name to refer to you. It means he likes you, but you already know that because the two of you are dating. Sugar is sweet, so to him, you are sweet.

What should you nickname your boyfriend?

you should nickname your boyfriend that you can combind his name into for example if his name was braden brady cady. It does not have to make sense he is your boyfriend and any nickname will show that you like him.

Why did horse McDonald call herself horse?

in the name of sweet bliss

Should i get my boyfriend's name tattooed on me?

No.......husband maybe

What should my boyfriend and I name our heifers?

Betsie and Beatrice