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methylprednisone is safe to take every 2 months

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Q: How often is it safe to take a methylprednisolone pack?
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Can you take Ritalin with Methylprednisolone?

can you take ridlin with methylprednisolone

Can you take methylprednisolone flexeril and Tramadol?

Can you take methylprednisolone, flexeril and Tramadol togethter and not get sick.

Is it safe to take terbinafine and methilprednisohlone together?

is it safe to take terbinafine and a medrol pack together

IS IT ok TO TAKE Motrin AND methylprednisolone AT SAME TIME?

I did it last night and I am still here, so I would guess it is fine.

Can you take methylprednisolone after the 3 year expiration date?


You are taking Methylprednisolone 4mg dspk 21 can you take Benadryl allergy pls?


Can you take meloxicam if you are allergic to penicillin?

can you take malarone if allergic to penicillin

Can you use methylprednisolone tabs 4mg for sciatica?

Methylprednisolone helps reduce inflammation/swelling. Sciatica or Sciatic Neuritis is caused by general compression/irritation of sciatic nerve and most of the cases there are inflammation involve. Therefore oral steroid or methylprednisolone is very helpful for sciatica, however you cannot take methylprednisolone for long period of time, dose is usually tapered down after several days of using it, because steroid has many side effects that can be fatal. So you need to consult your doctor before taking methylprednisolone.

Can you take methylprednisolone with trazodone?

This is fine to take. The steroid will not interact with trazodone. Remember that Medrol is harsh on the stomach. Have some food before you take each dose!

Can you take a medrol dose pack with hydrocodone?

Yes, methylprednisolone (Medrol Dosepak) and hydrocodone can be taken at the same time, provided your doctor says it is okay. For example, these two medications are sometimes prescribed together to treat the inflammation and acute pain associated with a herniated spinal disk.

Can you take nsaids with methylprednisolone?

I was prescribed both methylprednisolone and vicodin by my doctor for a back injury. Therefore I'm assuming its safe (for me and my lack of pre-existing medical conditions at least) to take both. However, I wouldn't recommend it. The first day I took a 750mg vicodin on top of my methylprednisolone dosage, I was in bed for about 3 hours feeling like i was going to throw up. I personally tend to have that reaction to pain killers anyway though. NOT fun! I'd start with a half dose of vicodin first to see how you react. newtest3

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The SAFE exam is often conducted in specific schools. It would take one three to eight hours to complete the exam.