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This is fine to take. The steroid will not interact with trazodone. Remember that Medrol is harsh on the stomach. Have some food before you take each dose!

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Q: Can you take methylprednisolone with trazodone?
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Can you take methylprednisolone, flexeril and Tramadol togethter and not get sick.

Can you take acetaminophen while taking trazodone?

yes acetominophen will not interact with trazodone it is safe to take togather

When is the best time of day to take trazodone?

Since trazodone causes drowsiness, it is often used as a sleep aid making the best time to take trazodone before bed. Trazodone is best absorbed when taken with food.

IS IT ok TO TAKE Motrin AND methylprednisolone AT SAME TIME?

I did it last night and I am still here, so I would guess it is fine.

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How often is it safe to take a methylprednisolone pack?

methylprednisone is safe to take every 2 months

What is cadista?

Cadista is Methylprednisolone tablets containing methylprednisolone which is glucorortivoid.

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Need to know if Trazodone is a narcotic or a controlled substance?

Trazodone is not a controlled substance.I take 100 mg of Trazodone to help me sleep. Trazodone is also an anti-depressant. The bottle of tablets does not have a "controlled substance" sticker on it. Other narcotics that I take via a doctor's prescription do have a "controlled substance" sticker.

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