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how ever many times 80 times

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you might have to try a couple of times
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Q: How many times does it take you to get a boy to notice you?
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How do you get a boy to notice you at the beach?

Take off your top.

How long does it take for a boy to notice you changed your hair?

It depends upon the location of the hair...

How do you get a boy that you fancy to notice you?

take notice in the things he likes and make sure he realizes that your interested in those same things. Talk to him about whatever he likes.

What can you do to get a boy to notice you?

Flash him.

How many times does kagome say sit boy?

A lot. There is no way of knowing unless you count them yourself and that might take awhile.

How to train a boy?

you should love him at all times take care of him

How do you make girls notice you?

There are many ways to get a girl to notice you, but the best way is to just be nice to them, no girl likes a mean boy. Be nice and good to them. GOOD LUCK!

How do you know if a bantam is a girl or boy when its little?

See what colour scarf it wears, (take care to notice if the gluteals are clenched when walking)

How do you get the boy of your dreams to ask you out?

You have to flirt with him, be confident always, and get him to notice you in a good way. And If that's not enough, then you must take the initiative and ask him out

How can I get a boy to love me?

umm you cant get no boy to love you, but you can get them to notice you. So get him to notice you, start being friends and maybe he will start likeing u

How do I get a mexican boy to notice me or like me?

The best way to get a Mexican boy to notice you is to talk to him more often. There is no way to make someone like you.

How many times does the average teenage boy cuss?

Too many