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how ever many times 80 times

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2009-05-14 16:28:17
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2020-08-31 21:41:52
you might have to try a couple of times
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Keilani Vandever

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2020-11-11 15:52:51
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Q: How many times does it take you to get a boy to notice you?
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How can you tell a boy is lieing about liking you?

Take notice of his facial expressions and keep strong eye contact and ask him to tell you a certain number of reason why he like you i ask him and he never said anything i said to him why are u looking at me alot he is a shy boy and he said to everyone he hates me and i dnt know?

What does a boy think about a very shy girl?

Depends on the boy, some boys are really observant and know every kid in school. I know one boy who knows the color of EVERYONE'S eyes. Other boys are so wrapped up in their own friends they don't notice anyone else. The thing is to get noticed. Nothing extravigant like wearing a ton of makeup. Just saying hi, requesting to be in his group. It's the small things that when built up that get positive attention. Good luck! Yes, depends on the boy, if he is shy himself and looking for a girlfriend he will probably take more notice of a shy girl. Because no shy boy wants to go out with a spontaneous, self confident girl; he would feel intimidated and uncomfortable

Has anyone ever been hit by a medorite?

Yes, many times. One boy actually caught one, before letting it drop off his hand.

How do you know when a 11 year old boy likes a 11 year old girl?

It depends on the boy. Sometimes they will be nice to you and you will find him looking at you a lot and sometimes when he's with his friend and close to you he will talk really loudly to try to get you to notice him, he will try to impress you and walk near you a lot.

Am a 13 yr old boy how do you know if you have fallen arches?

You would know if you have fallen arches if your feet ache pretty consistently and you notice that they're getting flatter. But only a doctor can diagnose this.

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